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John & Frances West Family Group

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Financial support for elderly 'Wests'

The Charities of John and Frances West for Pensioners were founded in 1710 and are administered by Christ's Hospital.

The Charities provide small pensions or grants to elderly (aged over 60) people who are in financial need, hardship or distress. The Trustee is required to give preference to members of the West family. Single people with an income (net of housing costs) of up to £10,000 per annum and couples with joint income of up to £15,000 may be entitled to an annual pension or grant of £600. This is awarded annually for a three year period and may be renewed.

If you, or anyone you know might benefit from this kind of support, please contact:

Mrs Janet Young
The Counting House
Christ's Hospital
RH13 0YP

01403 247555

The Charities of John and Frances West also support the education of children at Christ's Hospital School, an 11-18 independent school for children from all walks of life. Since September  2010 there has been an amendment to how the Wests’ Gift Scheme has been applied to potential applicants related to John and Frances West by consanquinity to Christ’s Hospital School. There is now no reduction in the assessed parental contribution for children who join the school as Wests’ Gift Presentees. However, there is still an advantage in applying under this method as candidates compete only within the Wests’ Gift category. In addition, Christ’s Hospital continue to provide support to over 95% of its pupils’ places to a greater or lesser extent with families on a very low income paying nothing at all. The amendment to the Scheme does mean that financial support available to applicants , particularly those in need, can be more evenly distributed.

Christ’s Hospital warmly welcomes applications from members of the John and Frances West Family Group.